Friday Barnes 6 : Danger Ahead

Friday Barnes 6 : Danger Ahead

Based on 1380 reviews.
4.5/ 5.0 - 1380 reviews


Publisher: Random House Australia

Number Of Pages: 272

publication Date:

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0857989952

ISBN-13: 9780857989956

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Friday Barnes 6 : Danger Ahead - School camp . . . what could possibly go wrong? Friday Barnes is forced to face her biggest fear - her own emotions! She must wave goodbye to Ian as he takes off to join his father in the Cayman Islands. But when your dad is a white-collar criminal, family reunions never go to plan. Ian is kidnapped en route and it's up to Friday to rescue him. On her return to school, the Headmaster has a treat in store - a four-week camp for students to learn wilderness survival skills! 'Camp Courage' is even worse than Friday imagined. And all her book smarts aren't much help when she's got wood to chop, potatoes to peel and latrines to dig. Can Friday survive the great outdoors, debunk the legend of a camp ghost and make it back to Highcrest Academy alive? Only time (and a compass) will tell!